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Project Description
Carousel with up to 4 images, each with optional hyper-link, heading and promotion text, derived from Widgets.NivoSlider v1.03 developed by the nopCommerce team.

Bootstrap Carousel (Bootstrap 3) Widget Plugin for nopCommerce

Responsive plugin and component for cycling through elements like a carousel. Once installed and activated within the nopCommerce widget list, the Bootstrap Carousel will appear in the home page widget zone: "home_page_top" .

For more information about the Bootstrap Carousel click the link below;

Bootstrap 3 Carousel (More Information)

New Carousel Widget Plugin Features Include

  • (Optional) Add heading text per slide which is overlaid on top of the picture
  • (Optional) Add promotion text per slide which is overlaid on top of the picture

Important: This widget plugin is designed to be used in conjunction with an upcoming responsive theme for nopCommerce based on Bootstrap 3. Therefore, it does not include references to Bootstrap 3 CSS or JS files. If you want to use this widget plugin within a theme that is not based on Bootstrap 3 you will need to add the references below. Alternatively, it is possible to "Customize and download" your own version of Bootstrap which includes just the elements you require to keep file sizes to a minimum.



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